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Women Expowerment Awards 2021

#Women Expowerment Awards 2021

Nomination Process

Step 1: Fill the Form

Step 2: Select Category

Step 3: Submit case study or white paper along with the form

[The case study or white paper will be forwarded to the jury for selection.The stronger the case the better the chance of winning!]

Award Results will be declared on & selected winners will be informed accordingly.

*You need to be enrolled as a Participant of EWE Flea Market 2021 to be nominated for awards.

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#Women Expowerment Awards 2021

Nomination Categories

This recognizes and awards the distinct achievements of a woman leader who has been an Icon of inspiration and a mentor to all other women staff of the SocIety. The best version of a Woman Leader and other leaders aspire to be.

This recognizes and honours the Society's best woman who is a business enabler having leadership skills, innovative spirit and business acumen and takes risks and has exceptional drive and commitment. She often starts with little more than an idea and grim determination to succeed.

This award recognizes and honours the women leaders who have given a major contribution to Indian society and have always been active in helping the society to get the best out of them. This award is a small vote of thanks recognising all social women leaders for their determination and dedication towards the betterment of the society

This Award acknowledges the entrepreneurial spirit within the women who took a step ahead and had the confidence to start her own business, empowering other women and even males by providing them with employment. The award recognizes efforts that have been made to start an own self owned business, despite all challenges faced Internally and externally and has also supported the development of the society.

This Award acknowledges the woman who have made significant achievements and changes to the organisation structures and processes with innovative and design thinking. With their capability and outstanding performance they have proven to be the business enablers taking knowledge-based initiatives benefiting organisations.

This Award, recognizes and awards Organizations that have provided valuable service by contributing to the empowerment of women in business. This can be measured by the recruitment, retention, training and advancement of women in all levels and sectors of the organization. The award recognizes efforts that have been made to engage women successfully and have encouraged and supported the development of women professionally.


#Women Expowerment Awards 2021

Nomination Form

*Note: For nomination please submit a case study, write – up or literature to highlight your achievements.

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