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India Startup 360 (IS360) is an earnest effort to bring budding Startup initiatives across India under one roof and create an ecosystem which will nurture them and ensure they succeed in their effort.

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start date 23/12/2021
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IS360 Empowering Women Entrepreneurs Flea Market 2021

IS360 Empowering Women Entrepreneurs Flea Market 2021

IS360 Empowering Women Entrepreneurs Flea Market 2021

IS360 Empowering Women Entrepreneurs Flea Market 2021


Apart from providing a livelihood, flea markets also play a huge role in contributing towards empowerment of Micro Entrepreneurs, especially, Women.

Inspired by  the famous Ima Keithel-an all-women market’ in Manipur, a unique example of women empowerment in the northeast region, India Startup360 has come out with a separate platform to promote Micro Entrepreneurs of various regions of our country.


Who Can Participate in EWE Flea Market 2021?

Women vendors showcase their house-grown organic products, handicrafts, clothing, Artificial Jewellery, paintings, Cakes & Cookies, Woollen & Woven cloths, footwear, Electrical & Electronics Goods and supply them through a powerful Ecommerce Portal to all parts of India.


Special Feature

The highlight of the platform is the user-friendly 3D Virtual Stall, which can help them to showcase their products and by the click of button, the user can buy them sitting at their home.

India Startup360 has made elaborate arrangements to bring eminent personalities who will not only motivate the small entrepreneurs but also will brief them on various ways and means to mobilize funding and expand their Business in various parts of the country.

Women Empowerment, aiming to collaborate with empowered women of our country to push all the boundaries towards equality are invited to take part.

Special arrangements are being made with organizations like Bharatiya Yuva Shakti Trust to counsel the Entrepreneurs and provide them the guidance on various intricacies of Establishing their Business.


Important Dates:

  • Registration Started from 17th Nov 2021
  • Last date of Registration – 5th Dec 2021
  • Last date for receipt of Digital Collateral – 12th Dec 2020
  • Dry Run and Instructions to Participants – 19th Dec 2021
  • Expo Dates (Time: 04.00 PM IST) – 23rd Dec 2021.


Event Spaker:

Led by the award-winning author of 100 Conversations for Career Success, and CEO of the career management firm.

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Venue Direction:

From the moment you embark on a job search, you are inundated with “do this, do that,” by well-intentioned friends and colleagues. But, all of those random

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Here are some screenshots of the previous event (AgriTech Expo 2021).

General Knowledge Base:

An export in international trade is a good produced in one country that is sold into another country or a service provided in one country for a national or resident of another country.[1] The seller of such goods or the service provider is an exporter; the foreign buyer is an importer.[2] Services that figure in international trade include financial, accounting and other professional services, tourism, education as well as intellectual property rights.

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  • start date Start Date: December 23, 2021
  • Event Venue Event Venue: Online Virtual Event
  • Category Category: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs EWE

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